Steve is a writer with a mission - - well a vision actually. As an independent film maker, he wants to create the next grand biblical epic...with one small change. In his vision, this most holy of stories it set in Scotland.

He has a hard time finding anyone to share his vision, until he meets Bill, a producer with a fabulous gift of gab, and no moral core. Bill enlists the help of Jacques, a French executive producer who would rather be making low budget sci-fi with bikini clad starlets on the Riviera.

With funding in place - - Bill and Steve bring their band of film makers to a tiny Scottish town.

As the story unfolds, the towns mistrust of the visitors turns to hatred (bordering on religious fervor), Bill and Steve vie for the eye of a local lass, and Jacques gets blown up - - accidentally.

Wickedly funny, it is both a blistering satire and prose poem to the spirit of independent film making.


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