Umbrella Magazine, Vol. 18, March 1995, p. 26


insecurities are my limbs...(New York, TRS, 1994, $30) is an amazing book of limbs and shadows, plants and body parts printed on a vellum like paper that is translucent as well as printed on mylar overlays which play one against the other.

The book is full of definitions, as well as images of the brain, and the part where word understanding takes place. There are juxtapositions of tree limbs with body limbs, as well as juxtapositions of other words such as "fault" both anatomically as well as legally.

The progressions in this book are both verbal and conceptual, and allow the reader to really interact with the pages.

This is an "Out-On-A-Limb" Production, signed and numbered. A must for any collection, because of its exceptional craftsmanship, as well as it's complete success as a book as an interactive experience both physically and conceptually.


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